Change Your Attitude...Change Your Life 

 A choice for love and peace.

About Attitudinal Healing

Healing is a shift in perception that allows us to choose inner peace regardless of external circumstances. Its principles declare that in all life situations we can choose peace - or remain in conflict - and that the only way to be peaceful is to choose love over fear.

The philosophy reeducates people to understand that conflict or distress is caused not by outside people and circumstances, but by one’s “attitude” towards them.

What can Attitudinal Healing do for you?

It can help you develop inner resources that allow you to prevent, reduce, or manage:

  • Everyday frustrations and stress
  • Feelings of being stuck and not moving forward
  • Financial issues, job changes or layoffs
  • Depression, anxiety, and anger
  • Loneliness and feeling isolated
  • Low self-esteem
  • Dysfunctional family or divorce issues
  • Life-threatening illnesses
  • Death, grief and loss
  • Chronic illness









 Attitudinal Healing International

  Over the last 30 years through Attitudinal Healing International our work has extended beyond the local community. We have trained tens of thousands of people in our approach and helped numerous communites worldwide to establish programs based on our model.  We provide support and training to others who wish to initiate Attitudinal Healing groups in their communities.