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Co-Founders of MDCAH

Laurie Pappas, Ph. D. Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Director
Mark Roby, N-D. Naturopathic Physician

Board of Directors

Executive Director -
Susan Thiem, BBA
Chief Financial Officer - Allison Sterling BA MS
Secretary - Ron Cohen
Directors - Jan Dube’, Michael Huler and Mark Roby


Advisory Board 

Laurie Pappas, Ph D, Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Director
Margaret Dwyer, PhD. Consultant
Lynn Kasmer, MA, Teacher of Mathematics
Anita Myers, ACSW, LMFT
Mark Roby, N-D., Naturopathic Physician
Kokomon and Aaeeshah Cottey, Co Founders and Directors,
The Attitudinal Healing Connection, Oakland CA


How is MDCAH funded?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization the Center depends on many different sources for financial support including:

  • Membership
  • Fundraising Events
  • Educational Programs and Workshops
  • Individual Contributions
  • Foundation and Corporate Donations/Grants

MDCAH Membership
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Membership Benefits:

Year-round activities and events
(Connect with friends at
luncheons, dinners, picnics, movies, concerts, workshops, etc.)

Annual Membership Directory

Bi-yearly Heartbeat Brief Newsletter and/or our monthly eNewsletter (the Ezine)

And many more…
intangible benefits within our hearts



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